The fabric is the main component of garments. To make a garment more convenient and attractive, some other materials are used along with the fabric. To serve the basic functions and for decorative purposes, these materials are required. Collectively they are called garment accessories.

Therefore, garments accessories are the materials which are used along with the main body fabric to serve the full purpose. Button, Zipper, Thread, Label etc. are some main garments accessories.


Accessories are used to serve different functions of a garment.

  • Garments accessories sometimes act as decorative material.
  • Accessories can make a garment more suitable to wear.
  • Accessories are used to make the garments more flexible.
  • Accessories help to ensure the garment’s durability.
  • To fulfill customer demand different accessories are used.

Different types of garments accessories are used to make a complete garment. This accessory is used on the basis of its function and its purpose of use. Generally, garments accessories are divided into three types:

  1. Basic accessories
  2. Decorative accessories
  3. Finishing accessories
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