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Brief Description

VENUS PAK SPORTS CO. – the actual name of our organization as perceived in PAKISTAN. We are No. 1 Custom Clothing Manufacturing Company having our own Production unit From Knit to pack while guaranteeing unrivaled nature of our items.

VENUS PAK SPORTS CO. is worked in huge assortment of Light Knit, Heavy Knit and Woven. We supply Woven and Knitted Apparels and Sports Wears for Men, Ladies, Boys, and Girls or more just for youngsters of any plan for all the seasons. Our item goes from Shirts, Shorts, T-shirts, Polo, Sweatshirts, Pants, Tops, Hoodies, Jumpers, Rain Jackets, Parka Jackets, Polar Fleece Jackets, Wind Breakers, Sublimated Team Wears, Soccer Wear, Basketball Wear, Net Ball Wear, GAA Wear , Baseball Wear, Ice Hockey Wear, Volleyball Wear, Rugby Wear, Wrestling Wear, Running Wear, Gym Wear, Athletic Wear, Compression Wear, Swimming Wear, Hi Vis Wear and all Type of Sports and Safety Gloves and a lot more in vogue and cool garments as indicated by the decision of the Buyers.

Right now VENUS PAK SPORTS CO. is serving rumored abroad clients from The France, Poland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Hungry, Latvia, Romania, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, United States of America and Canada.

To offer you our best value, all we require to know is your particulars and buy amount. We keep the expense base low by offering the most reasonable selling cost. Subsequently, our Buyers favor us and love to have a long and solid business relationship with us. That is the reason we are searching for Prospective Buyers like you on a drawn out business relationship and for development of business to your excellent country.

You have our affirmations for Competitive Price, High Quality, Timely Delivery and Satisfactory Professional Services. These credits are presently the sign of VENUS PAK SPORTS CO.

The best quality
The best cost and installment condition
The best help and conveyances


We put in incredible exertion towards keeping a significant degree of respectability in a business that is defaced with issues, postponements and human mistakes. As the watchmen of controlling and evading blunders, our colleagues work extended periods to guarantee convenient reactions and to limit issues.

Our model is straightforward yet unique. We put stock in offering possession to our colleagues, subsequently giving them the motivating force to ascend to their best capacity, thusly, limiting carelessness and organization in the work place. Our proprietor worked workplaces have a business approach yet adjust to our inward frameworks both operational and in keeping up VENUS PAK SPORTS CO.

We are worldwide yet reasonable, enormous yet close to home, the vast majority of our clients have been with us for long time and our dramatic development over the most recent two years has instructed us that we need to deal with our business far and away superior. While we assess and source merchandise for our customers, we have made it fundamental to consistently introspect and source fit colleagues so that soon we become more effective and receptive to the changing universe of sourcing.

VENUS PAK SPORTS CO. is focused on and has faith in putting resources into social consistence, best in class the executives and customer data frameworks.

A) To source generally excellent makers of article of clothing including men’s, women, young ladies, young men and youngsters.
B) To acknowledge piece of clothing orders at the exceptionally serious cost with GSP or without GSP
C) To source quality Yarns, Dyestuff and Chemicals from China, Korea, Germany, France
D) To deal with a wide range of import/send out obligations industrially through bank and others concerned govt. furthermore, non govt. association.

Sourcing Order Execution
How we speak with purchaser and execute a request:
We do utilization and costing for a particular style for client and afterward we affirm the cost to our purchaser as fast as could be expected.

Our group contacts the purchaser and gathers a request by demonstrating the articles of clothing they made previously or straightforwardly ask which sort of articles of clothing client needs.

At that point improvement merchandiser builds up the item send advancement test for any rectification.

Typically purchaser makes some change on advancement test and now and then they need us to redevelop the example. At times they simply remark and encourage to submit first Fit example.

At that point fit example is made and our QC group check altogether with specialized document and endorsed improvement test.

In some cases Red seal test is sent for endorsement which is otherwise called purchasing test. Furthermore, if the red seal test is affirmed, the request is affirmed.

Subsequent to getting and looking into the request sheet, we demand purchaser to open the expert LC or send advance TT.

At that point Production merchandiser follows up the complete creation stages. In the wake of getting endorsement of red seal or fit example, he needs to book the texture and trims/extras.

He needs to follow up the texture and trim showed up in production line on schedule or not. After all endorsement he assembles creation arranging conference.

QC needs to follow the creation checking with endorsed tests, texture and frill. He assists creation merchandiser with giving all data underway stage.

QC’s primary undertaking is to check all examples (red seal, gold seal, web test and so on) shipped off purchaser, and help whether there have any inquiry or question.

Texture, trims and adornments are checked in lab. It’s brought in-house test like Bulk texture holder, conceal variety in shade progression, lab plunge, texture quality and so on
Various sorts of investigation additionally done before ex-industrial facility/shipment such ceaseless inline examination, pre-creation review (subsequent to completing 15% of mass creation), mid-term assessment (in the wake of completing half of mass creation), last examination and so forth
After definite examination we convey the products to port on our vehicle. Before that we sent booking solicitation to purchaser named sending specialist and hang tight for the endorsement.

We follow up payload staffing, ETD, ETA and update purchaser appropriately.

After shipment of all out merchandise, we set up the shipment reports immediately and submit to bank. If there should arise an occurrence of TT installment, we hang tight for the equilibrium installment from client and afterward send shipment reports to purchaser straightforwardly.

Working system in administration:
From the start we hand over the request to two of our merchandiser and two QA individuals. Each day they talk about the entire status in the day by day meeting with our General Manager, Merchandising. One QC worried that specific request will remain in the creation line until definite shipment.
We generally need a pre-creation test and afterward make a pre-creation meeting before we go into creation. Merchandiser and QA monitor check the example, example and last remarks on example from purchaser and in the event that they are fulfilled, they give guidance for a preliminary creation.

Steps in pieces of clothing examination:

In pieces of clothing industry, the ideal or expected quality boundaries are constrained by examination. We do this investigation in three stages:

Crude material examination

Texture, sewing strings, catches, manages, and so on are the crude material in articles of clothing industry. The nature of a last article of clothing relies upon the nature of a texture when it is gotten as a roll. Indeed, even the most remarkable assembling techniques can not make up for deficient materials. So before creation of pieces of clothing quality, we check crude material which is vital assignment in piece of clothing industry.

In cycle assessment

From the beginning stage of piece of clothing producing up to articles of clothing prepared to shipment, we execute the in cycle review. At any rate 65 to 80% deformities can be checked and controlled through in cycle review.

Last review in piece of clothing production line

Last review comprises of assessing completed pieces of clothing from the purchaser’s perspective; size estimations, structure fitting (putting pieces of clothing on the legitimate size puppets to check whether they appropriately fit marked sizes); and live displaying if important (again to check whether the articles of clothing appropriately fit the named sizes). Last review may happen previously or after pieces of clothing are gathered in poly sacks and containers. We do this investigation after articles of clothing are pressed with the goal that legitimate size and style markings on the bundle can likewise be checked.

VENUS PAK SPORTS CO. was set up as a pieces of clothing provider for abroad merchants and shipper’s representative around the globe. Our portfolio incorporates providing of Woven and Knitted Apparels and Sports Wears for Men, Ladies, Boys, Girls or more for youngsters of any plan for all the seasons. Our item goes from Shirts, Shorts, T-shirts, Polo, Sweatshirts, Pants, Tops, Hoodies, Jumpers ,Rain Jackets, Parka Jackets, Polar Fleece Jackets, Wind Breakers, Sublimated Team Wears, Soccer Wear, Basketball Wear, Net Ball Wear, GAA Wear , Baseball Wear, Ice Hockey Wear, Volleyball Wear, Rugby Wear, Wrestling Wear, Running Wear ,Gym Wear, Athletic Wear, Compression Wear ,Swimming Wear, Hi Vis Wear and all Type of Sports and Safety Gloves and a lot more stylish and cool garments as indicated by the decision of the Buyers. We have numerous long stretches of involvement being inventive and imaginative, producing a solid and consistent progression of novel thoughts, ideas and plans that works in the patterns and forms world. We decide to supply of explicit necessities as far as plan, materials and quality. We have built up an incredibly adaptable creation framework, where amounts, characteristics, lead time and serious costs are not an inconsistency.

We are committed to assisting clients with developing and augment their ventures, VENUS PAK SPORTS CO. cautious exercises will help you settle on educated choices and stay in front of the opposition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Minimum Order Quantity Venus Pak Sports Co acknowledges?

Our essentials for the most part start at 100 to 200 things for every style, and shading way. This applies to most things with essential textures, tones, and prints. Things with one of a kind or forte textures may have higher essentials dependent on accessibility and additionally trouble to make or source?

Would i be able to have a value list?

Since we are specially making everything, there is certifiably not a straightforward value list accessible. By the by, in the event that you plan continue putting in rehashing requests of a similar item we can get ready custom value records for you.

Do you transport around the world?

Truly We do.

Would i be able to get tests or models made?

We energetically suggest making in any event one model, or pre-creation test prior to going into creation. At times, (for example, specialized outerwear) it could be important to do numerous models. Models are for fit and fabricate purposes just except if indicated by the customer. This implies they won’t have marking and may not be the specific textures or shades of gave tests or creation pieces. By and large, models are either incompletely or completely refundable on culmination of a creation request. Assessed time span for introductory model creation is two months. Sales rep Samples are additionally accessible, these will be worked to the specific determinations of your creation run including all textures and embellishments. Sales rep test creation requires an expected 8-12 weeks. If you don’t mind reach us for requests and valuing.

Would i be able to get free Samples?

We don’t offer free examples. Since generally there are many convoluted and costly thing are held during the inspecting cycle. For Example Metal Molds, Size Grading Patterns, Printing Screens, Printing on large Digital Machines and so on and numerous different things.

What is the greatest printing size you offer?

It relies upon the sort of printing. Be that as it may, all sizes will be finished.

What amount of time do tests and models require to deliver?

The period of time it takes for you to get your examples and models rely totally upon your necessities. So nonetheless, we intend to deliver a pre-creation model inside 2 a month of request position. We will examine this with you all through the plan cycle.

Would i be able to get any Material or Fabric?

Commonly our group can source and match most mentioned textures and materials for our customers. In any case, we can’t ensure that we will discover what you are searching for in the open business sectors. In the event that we are not having the textures or assembling your materials to explicit prerequisites we are restricted to what in particular is accessible on the open market. During texture sourcing, type and weight will be focused on, trailed by example and shadings. In view of conditions and accessibility, creation texture may marginally contrast from models and sales rep tests.

How Long Does Production Take?

We generally empower putting orders one season ahead of time. Assessed time period for conveyance on creation is 16-18 weeks except if in any case organized. Any piece of clothing/thing might be under or more than created by roughly 5%. For this situation we demand that the customer acknowledge the excess inside these edges. On the off chance that the customer doesn’t wish to take extra item, if you don’t mind get in touch with us to settle on earlier arrangements prior to starting the cycle to submit a request.

We can transport little requests between 6 two months and rehashing orders between 4 a month and a half. In the event that you need items conveyed quicker than that, we likewise have custom-made arrangements.

Would you be able to deliver things not appeared on your site?

The things appeared on our site are expected as a manual for show you the extent of what we can fabricate. Our tremendous abilities are with the end goal that we can make practically any item inside the primary classes appeared on this site. We love working with all brands and appreciate growing new items so whatever your prerequisites or thoughts please connect and we can examine a plan answer for you.

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