Garment Journey

Journey of a Garment

Once the Raw Material Arrives, It’s sent to the Yarn Store, From the Yarn Store the Yarn goes to the Ecro Knitting Unit,  and then onto the Ecro Knitting Unit its goes to Ecro Store.
From the Ecro Store it goes to the Solid Dyeing Unit, Moving Forward to the Fabric Finishing Unit, Where it goes through the Stenter Machine, Compactor Machines and Tumblers,
Once the Fabric is Finished, its goes to the Dyed Fabric Store
Or yarn from the yarn store go to soft winding on Mechanical machines and then sent onto the yarn dyeing unit and then sent to the striper knitting unit, once its knit it goes into the washing and moved to the Dyed Fabric Store.

All Fabrics goes through intensive Fabric Inspection and then its move to the cutting unit, where its cut as well as printed or embroidered as required.
Once cut and ready, its moved to the stitching unit, where here is buttoning, clipping and Ironing, Then Garment Goes into the Finishing, Where its checked and once its cleared from Quality Control Inspection Department, its goes into the packing and moved to the warehouse, where it would be dispatched to its global location.

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