Venus Pak Sports manufactures the finest knitted fabrics, fitted with state of the art technology, world-class expertise, and over two decades of experience. We have the ability to manufacture different types of knitted fabrics, including single jersey, pique, ribs, interlock, thermal, fleece, and plaited fabrics amongst others Equipped with state of the art technology, world-class knowledge, and over two decades of experience.

The company’s essence is to provide quality textile products to customers and takes an advanced stance ahead of competitors in developing innovative products at affordable prices without forsaking consistency in quality. Coupled with highly skilled, trained, and professional management this ensures increasing returns for the company and stakeholders.

These fabrics can then be dyed and finished with the new performance features such as water repellant, low shrinkage, silk wash, moisture control, Ultra Violet, Antibacterial, etc. in synthetic (Polyester, Nylons) cotton and blends.

The creative range is presented by Venus Pak Sports, reconfirming from a technical point of view and the company’s continued commitment to satisfy customers according to their demands. We are committed to the continuous improvement and growth of our staff, goods, technology, and processes.

Diversity is our strength. Our capabilities range from manufacturing 100% cotton & polyester fabrics to poly-cotton and tri-blend fabrics with Lycra. This includes knits, twills, jersey, fleece, canvas, satin, interlock, and many more. With an in-house dyeing & printing unit, we ensure quality is in check and prices are competitive. With all this, we offer multiple finishes & coatings so the fabric gets an added functionality if needed.

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