We manufacture all our fabrics and have thousands of yards in stock. Because we manufacture our own stock, we’re able to bring you additional savings through wholesale fabric pricing. We are always ready to help you complete your apparel project regardless of whether it’s for the runway or everyday use. Designer fashion apparel clothes fabric including Silk, wool, linen, cotton, print, knit, woven, or any other kind.


Venus Pak Sports has world-class printing, embroidery, washing, and garment dyeing facilities. Our designers and technicians work with our customer’s design and development teams to assist them in developing products in the shortest possible time and at the most efficient cost while meeting their quality and styling needs. Besides working on product design and structure, this team also conducts process engineering to improve output and reduce costs.


We have well-established stitching floors with auto machines to produce defect-free garments with the assurance of a quality system. An Eton hanger system is installed to achieve better efficiency. The Stitching Factory is a garment and cotton knit fabric supplier with its own factory in Pakistan. Our goal is to produce and supply garments locally as well as worldwide. We are reliable, trustable, efficient, and maintain incredibly high standards in apparel production.

We have a vast range of stitching units fully equipped with state of the art machines automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. This gives us flexibility and speed to produce many types of garments simultaneously. We have the experience and technical team in production and quality which ensure the tailoring art of stitching. That is an important factor in our growth and customer satisfaction. We have unique quality control and quality assurance system, which ensures the quality and customer’s standards at the start of the production, in the sewing lines and end of lines. Then the garment is supposed to be checked at the final stage before packing.

Quality Control

It is a set of steps or guidelines designed to guarantee that a product or service meets certain performance standards. The goal of quality control is to ensure that an item meets the needs and specifications of the consumer population. Good quality control also helps a company to more efficiently navigate manufacturing and production processes to cut down on mistakes and waste, and maximize profit.

Inline Checking

During Inline Checking 100% checking is done for partially stitched garments and defect-free pieces are forwarded to the next process. This type of checking is used for high-value garments.

Final Inspection

In this stage, complete garments are inspected. Different parts of garments are inspected in this stage such as the garment’s main fabric, accessories, trims, label, fabric faults, etc. final inspection is very important for an export order shipment.

Packing and Dispatch

In the last steps of making a product retail-ready, garments are folded, tagged, sized, and packaged according to customer specifications. We are using an automated system, to ensure that the material stays clean and pressed during shipping.

The folded garment is packed into a polybag to keep it fresh till it reaches the desired destination. Different types of packing accessories are used to keep the garment in the desired shape. Some products are packed into paperboard cartons directly without packing it into a polybag.

The packed garments are then inspected for quality assurance of the outgoing finished products. It ensures that no defective garments are packed into the cartons. Finally, the garments are ready for shipment and ready for the end consumers.

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