We use the latest technology for manufacturing high quality knitted garments mainly on CMT (Cut, make, trim) basis. Depending on the requirement, we may manufacture garments of various grades of complexity. We have the possibility to make different kind knitting patterns such as intarsia, jacquard, lace, aran, embroideries, prints and handwork decorations and other.

  • Flat or Jersey Knit Fabric
  • Purl Knit Fabric
  • Rib Stitch Knit Fabric
  • Interlock Stitch Knit Fabric
  • Double Knit Fabric
  • Warp Knitted Fabric
  • Tricot Knit Fabric
  • Raschel Knit Fabric
  • Cable Knit Fabric
  • Bird’s Eye Knit Fabric
  • Intarsia Knit Fabric
  • Jacquard Knit Fabric
  • Knitted Terry Fabric
  • Knitted Velour Fabric
  • Sliver Knit Fabric
  • Fleece Knit Fabric

To meet the production requirements that run around the clock, we have a state-of-the-art Knitting Facility (Circular and Warp knitting). We have a varied capacity from 7 gauge to 28 gauge machines that manufacture single & double knit fabrics with the aid of the latest technology and experience. All types of meshes, Jersey, Pique, Stripers, Waffles, Terry, Interlock, Jacquard, and the full range of ribs I have a full range of knitting machines that allow us to produce all types of knitted fabrics

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