Venus Pak has one of the best talented and experienced dyeing teams along with ultra-modern dyeing machines which give us an edge over others. We have soft flows, high temperature low, and high liquor ratio machines which enable us to dye all types of knitted fabric successfully. We process all types of knit and fabrics.

There are three categories:

  • Cellulose fiber dye
  • Protein fibers dye
  • Synthetic fibers dye

Our in-house and very well-equipped Dyeing department with a production capacity of around 15 tons of dyeing per day allows us to fully meet our dyeing requirements. We have dyeing machines for dyeing cotton fabric and a fully computerized high-temperature jet-dyeing machine to dye all kinds of synthetic fabrics including polyester and nylons. 

Dyeing VPS

A well-equipped Processing laboratory ensures all Lab test parameters. Dip-dyed as per requirements and to be sure to get RFT results on ultra-low liquor ratio for energy and environment conservation. A full range of washes and finishes are catered to within the Dye House. Venus Pak Sports Dyehouse has a Quality Control laboratory with the latest equipment to check the fabric performance standards.

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